Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tagaytay Zipline

Location: Tagaytay City

Experience at Tagaytay Zipline was one of my challenging & maybe so far the best get away summer of last 2011, the cool ambiance was perfect the adventure was there, it was a complete package to kill your boredom for everyday work, a great way to loosen your stress because you gonna shout when you try the zipline & if you wanna try some extreme posed on the zipline if you are dare & brave to try. The usual post was sitting when you have some babies with you or your afraid of the superman position. Some are brave enough to try total extreme on riding at the zipline. I think the long of the zipline was 300m+ & the adrenaline that you will experience is like 20kph or less, but I really not good in calculation. The place was perfect for gathering, because of it's land area and picnic table for rent. I think the zipline ride was different from weekdays & weekends for complete info for the pricing click here.

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