Sunday, July 24, 2011

NAIA Terminal 3 - Another Goodbye

Location: Pasay City

Terminal 3 or NAIA-3, is the newest and biggest terminal in the NAIA complex, it's been 3 1/2 hour from Batangas  before we arrived at the NAIA-3, people that goes here whether there love one is coming back or living the country. It's operation start at 2008, many tears have been fallen in this building & a lot of different stories that have made, such a lovely place the NAIA-3, all of my pictures here are stolen because one of the guard told me that it is prohibited to take photos inside the NAIA-3. 

 -this is the scenario of another goodbye to my sister because she's
coming back to Singapore-

-outside photos from NAIA-3-

John Denver - Leaving On A Jet Plane


  1. isa kang pasaway... sabi ng bawal mag take ng pictures sa loob e. :D

  2. oi--sinung me sabing bawal?okay lang naman basta me subject ka ha..friends , family,relatives.wag yung tipong kukuhanan mo yung roof tas obvious ka. sa mga photogs, guerilla shooting tawag dyan.dapat magaling ka dumeskarte.hehehe

  3. @McCoy tnx sa comento
    @pusang kalye nahuli kc me ng guard na pinicturan ko un scanner nila sa mga bagahe mahaba pa nman bakbas ko kya un dinelete kya pinadelete nya un...



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