Friday, July 15, 2011

Road Trip: Ancestral House of Balayan, Batangas

Location: Balayan, Batangas

Balayan (was derived from Old Tagalog word balayan, which means walk past the paddy from a basket to another and carry or accomplish anything with the tip of any batten. Other possible source is from the Old Tagalog word balayang, which means-wood, as old natives used to call this town up to the present.) is one of the oldest town in  Batangas officialy founded by the Spaniards in 1578. Prior to Spanish Colonization, it was already inhabited by the descendants of the two Bornean datus who settled in this place.

Philippine Ancestral House, traditionally called Bahay Na Bato, is the fusion of native Filipino, Spanish and Chinese influences.
The Spanish colonial era gave birth to the constructions of the bahay na bato and eventually became a status symbol for noble Filipinos (the principalia and the ilustrados).  The Bahay na Bato, originates from the Bahay Kubo, since it typically followed its arrangements such as open ventilation and elevated apartments. The most obvious difference between the two houses would be the materials that were used to build them. The Bahay na Bato was constructed out of brick and stone rather than the traditional bamboo materials.

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