Sunday, September 18, 2011

Road Trip: San Nicholas Town Fiesta

Location: San Nicholas, Batangas

     One of the nicest place to visit here in Batangas is the San Nicholas they also called it the gate way to Taal Volcano, I've just visited this place last week because of their town fiesta & also to watch their yearly bankaton,  

-Church of San Nicholas-

-old church of San Nicholas-

-View of Taal Volcano-
-View of Mt. Maculot-


  1. It's been a long time the last time I've seen a small carnival setup like on the pictures above... Tnx for sharing! =)

  2. nakakamiss ang ganitong scenario. when Vigan was still a town, the fiesta set-up was as simple as this. But now, its overcrowded and full of traffic. I love this post and it makes me miss my old Vigan town.

  3. na miss ko bigla ang perya wala na niyan sa amin.

  4. gusto ko makita yang old church ruins na yan... ganda... at na-miss ko ang perya tuwing fiesta... hehehe!



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