Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Road Trip: Tuy Church

Location: Tuy, Batangas

It's been a long road ride at my vt1 before I get here at Tuy, Batangas & visit their church named Saint Vincent Ferrer Parish Church located at the heart of the town. It's not that big, but it's simplicity & modern design are fascinated, that I think it is a newly renovated,  unlike on the other churches that I visited which was made up of adobe (bricks) in the foundation of the church. I thought the church was close that day because the front doors where close, then a tricycle  driver told me go for the side door they I get inside to make some prayers & thanks giving for my trip & get some photos as well.

-inside photos from the church-


  1. Church hopping? That's cool! :D

  2. waaaahhh TUY Church.... heehheh me naalala ako heheheh :D puro trip.. parang gusto kita gayahin... cavite naman ang akin lols



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